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Beer is to Belgium as wine is to France and whisky is to Scotland. Belgians can choose from over 800 different brews from around 100 breweries. These breweries are known for their perfect balance of high quality, advanced blending methods and state of the art technology. The results are here for you to enjoy.

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Tap Beers Available

Stella Artois

5.2% abv

The world's best Belgian beer, enjoyed in over 80 countires. Its high quality is assured through a brewing process that spares no expense. It is brewed with traditional malted barley & fine hops to acheive a natural elegant & refined beer.


5.0% abv

This is a refreshing spicy beer with only a slight bitterness & a hint of coriander & Curacao. Made with 40% wheat, its cloudy appearance is enhanced by continued fermentation in the bottle or keg.

Leffe Blond

6.6% abv

This dry, fruity beer has quite a full and creamy taste with a subtle clove aroma. It could well be considered a beer from heaven, tracing its origins back to the Abbey Notre Dame de Leffe founded in 1152.

Leffe Brune

6.5% abv

Leffe Brune contrasts the brown sugar sweetness of a roasted barley with a strong bitter taste. In the glass it's a rich, almost black beer served with a creamy head. With a coffee finish on the palate. It's the after dinner drink of beers.

Belle-Vue Kriek

4.3% abv

This sweet, fruity brew is made by combining freshly picked sour cherries with Lambic. 'Kriek' refers to the taste of sour cherries. Try it as an aperitif or with chocolates.

Chimay Blanche

8% abv

The Chimay White succeeds remarkably in blending sweetness and bitterness. Its bouquet is of Muscat grapes and raisins and the taste highlights a dash of bitterness.

Bottle Beers Available

Chimay Rouge

7.0% abv

Not too bitter and with a strong flavour and beautiful bouquet, this beer comes from the world famous Notre-Dame of Scourmont trappiste. It can be matched to food in the same way as a hearty red wine.

Chimay Blanche

8.0% abv

The Chimay White Triple succeeds remarkably in blending sweetness and bitterness. Its bouquet of muscat grapes and raisin, the taste highlights a dash of bitterness.

Chimay Bleu

9.0% abv

Chimay Bleu is a beer whose frangrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant. When served at ambient temperature, its full strength is released and it reveals its richness of both body and soul.

Westmalle Tripel

9.5% abv

Smooth, dry and hoppy. This is a beer with a hint of hint of fruity flavours. Its aroma is spicy with plenty of vanilla.

Westmalle Dubbel

7.0% abv

Rich in colour, complex in taste. Beginning with a hint of malt, followed by warm dark fruit undertonesand fininshing with a touch of bitterness.

Rochefort 8

9.2% abv

Oak brown with a red tinge and a huge creamy head. Brown sugar, strawberry, and orange preserves on the nose before a soft caramel, a hint of chocolate, then pepper, spice and orange liquer to the end. Lots of body. Totally unique.

Rochefort 10

11.3% abv

This is a very dark beer with a complex aroma of malt, elderberries, chocolate, prunes and raisins. To taste, it's fruity with flavours of bitter-sweet treacle, pepper and woody malt.

Forbidden Fruit

8.5% abv

Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit is brewed according to a traditional recipie with the beer aged in bottles. The brewing process uses dark malts, dried orange peels and coriander.

Appearance: Dark red.

Delirium Nocturnum

8.5% abv

This is a triple-fermented dark ale using three different yeast strains and five different malts. The taste is complex. It has bouquet of aromatic sweetness with apple, berry and honey maltiness and a hint of sourness. The flavour immediatly burts with with raisons, bittersweet chocolate and aniseed.

Gouden Carlous

8.5% abv

Gouden Carlous Classic is a flemish strong brown ale, spiced with orange peels and coriander. It starts with suggestions of toffee, orange, passionfruit and then becomes quite tart and finishes with a spicy cedery character.

Mc Chouffe

8.0% abv

Deep mahogany in colour with a soft tan head. Tastes similar to its aroma, with dark fruits, caramel, spices & a little hop bitterness.


7.4% abv

This fine brew was created in 1791 by Mr Pauwel Kwak. The recipe has not changed and this double fermented beer continues to entice with hints of vanilla, lime and a sweet caramel finish balancing the overall dryness.

Bush Amber

12.0% abv

A Previous record holder for strongest beer in the world, Bush Amber displays intense woody, nut and sherry aromas. A complex palate, with typical Belgian yeastiness, toasted caramel flavours and a spicy hop finish with a delicate bitterness.

St Bernardus

10.0% abv

A massive beer, unbelievably malty – as it should be! It has a lasting yeasty taste complimented by dried fruits and a great mouthfeel. Welcome to the dark side of good quality beer. This quadruple isn’t for the fainthearted.

Gulden Draak

10.5% abv

Named after the golden dragon at the top of the belfry in Ghent, this dark tripel is strong in alcohol, with a powerful fragrance of barley, ripe plums and cherries. The palate hints at sour cherries and brown sugar and has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Gulden Draak 9000

10.5% abv

The Gulden Draak’s bigger, bolder brother! Containing 3 different kinds of malt added in a volume of 4 times the content in lager, this golden amber quadrupel packs quite a punch with a powerful fruity scent. Together, with the smooth and subtle sweet taste, it ensures this a wonderfully accomplished brew.

La Chouffe

8.0% abv

A hazy, pale-golden brew with a frothy white head. A little spice, a touch of lemon, cinnamon, & light malts. Medium body, with a lasting finish.

Real Belgian Pils

5.0% abv

Pours a beautiful straw gold. The aroma is light and reminds one of home baked bread. Malt flavours hit you upon tasting with some Saaz hops on the backend and a tinge of tartness to finish things off. Extremely drinkable.


10.5% abv

This light amber coloured Piraat with full foam head overwhelms with the aroma of bitter spicy, malty and alchoholic scents. What follows is a perfect combination of malty, sweet and hop bitter tastes, after which you are drowned in a very long, semi-sweet after taste with bitter undertone.

Bornem Tripel

9.0% abv

A top fermentation beer, re-fermented in the bottle. Blonde in colour with a nice, creamy head. Smooth on the palate, hoppy and full of taste. Excellent sweet/ bitter balance. Pleasant aroma and long-lasting aftertaste.


8.5% abv

Duvel has a strong, dry, bitter flavour and a powerful aroma with just a hint of apples. Whipped up early last century, on first tasting it was described as a 'real devil', hence its name.

La Guillotine

8.5% abv

A Strong Belgian Ale with moderate aromas and flavours. Citrus & yeasty spices with a delicate sour acidity. Hints of creamy sweetness and spice with pleasant dry finish.

Tripel Karmeliet

8.0% abv

A golden brown brew, served with a huge creamy head. Vanilla blends with an orangey hop aroma and a wheaty light crispness. It also boasts an oaty creamy and a spicy, lemony, almost subtle dryness.

Delirium Tremens

8.5% abv

This beer is lightly hopped & surprisingly malty. It uses three different yeasts & packaged in a bottle painted to resemble cologne ceramics & the label depicts the beers production. Delirium Tremens is Latin for “trembling madness”

Belgian Noble

5.2% abv

The elegant, yet complex floral & hop-spicy aroma leads to a palate of honeyed malt and hop bitterness that redefines sessionability & will leave you yearning for another

Belgian Royal

5.1% abv

This high quality Belgian premium lager is characterised by its bright yellow appearance. Refreshing & a delicately hoppy, dry taste, it’s a great thirst quencher for all occasions.

Grand Cru

8.5% abv

One of the best Hoegaardens. Pouring cloudy orange, almost golden in colour. Flavoured with Curacao Orange and coriander (like the original Hoegaarden), it has a deliciously complex, sweet/bitter taste with subtle and citrus notes.

Belgian Blue

4.5% abv

Delicately spiced & pleasant, great finish, refreshing. A perfect Belgian Wheat Beer.


5.0% abv

A lovely lighter styled top-fermented Belgian wit (wheat) beer, showing lively fresh spicy citrus bouquet, thirst quenching coriander flavour and a spicy dried orange peel finish.

Floris Apple

3.6% abv

Dark red in colour with a lively head. Moderately sweet fresh raspberries, with a light sourness and a dry finish.

Floris Passionfruit

3.6% abv

Slightly cloudy with a natural passionfruit aroma, which continues on the palate. A superior alternative to cocktails and other aperitifs.

Floris Framboise

3.5% abv

Fresh pressed apple aroma with intricate spices. The taste is reminiscent of caramel apple pie, with a light mout feel and good caronation. Perfect on a summers day. 3.5% abv

Timmermans Peche

4.0% abv

Peche lambic is obtained by adding 100% natural peach juice to the lambic resting in oak casks, which gives it a complex peach aroma. Savour this fruity beer with its creamy head in a champagne tulip.

Timmermans Strawberry

4.0% abv

Its strawberry flavours are irresistible if you love strawberries! The perfect refreshment for a hot summer day.

Ciders Available

Stassen Apple

6.0% abv

A full-bodied Belgian cider with the distinct fruitiness of bittersweet apples. Recommended over ice, for a refreshing summer cider.

Stassen Pear

5.4% abv

Tropical fruit flavours of pear, dried apples and pineapple, with a light mouth feel and a crisp finish.

Stassen Elder Flower & Lime Cider

4.0% abv

A unique Premium Belgian cider using a vintage family recipe created in 1895.