Carrot Club - Belgian Beer Cafe, Adelaide, SA 5000

"Why the 'Carrot Club' for our new VIP club?"

Some local people in Berlotte, near Eynatten in Eastern Belgium, created the original Carrot Club and "Carrot Museum" (not a real museum!) in 1992 and maintain it just for fun. It is in a village of about 30 houses, a chapel and a Carrot Collection and Display. Several men in the village are part of the Carrot Club, and apart from maintaining the museum, they arrange things like village parties in the summer.

The window displays are 100% dedicated to carrots, but it hasn't got any detailed information such like the history/cultivation etc. It's got 'carroty' exhibits, which all have neat labels, and are visible through a window in an electricity tower (not used for electricity anymore). To see each exhibit you have to turn a wheel which moves the display around; you can't go into the building because it's too small. Outside the tower is a carrot clock, carrot weather vane, carrot design on the ground in stone, and a carrot light. It's certainly unusual and eccentric.

Club patrons have T-shirts with the name of the club: MZV, short for "Möhren Zucht Verein" ("Carrot Fan Club"). They also have carrot statues in their gardens. Wolfgang Hillen, the treasurer and secretary sums it up best "Our club goals are to contribute to society happenings and to make jokes or silly things. Our working life is serious, so we need that club fun for our life." We thought that this silly and fun nature of the club for escaping working life suits 'The Belgian' perfectly, which is why our new VIP club is called the 'Carrot Club'.

Ask our friendly staff how you can join next time you visit 'The Belgian'!